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JAI’s market driven analysis results in helping our valued clients target and secure key opportunities.

Tailoring each assignment to the specific requirements and corporate culture of the client, JAI maximizes our cross-industry background to offer:

  • Results-Oriented Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Product Identity and Effectivity Analysis
  • High-Impact Marketing Support
  • Competitive Analysis and Implications
  • Organization of 'Turn-Key' Consortia
  • Innovative Growth Management, Acquisitions, and Business Restructuring Design
  • Comprehensive Survey Analysis

Our expertise is based on practical lessons learned from planning, evaluating, designing, testing, and auditing existing and cutting edge technologies. This experience distinguishes us from those organizations whose expertise is merely the result of monitoring market trends. We measure the benefits of our extensive experience by the direct benefits that our clients accrue from our work.

About Jakes Associates, Inc.

JAI is an internationally recognized leader in developing effective, innovative, green transportation solutions throughout the world.

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